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Your opening teachers, lead teachers, and closing teachers will be a stable picture in the classroom your little one is enrolled in. We want to ensure you and your child are comfortable and have a close working relationship with the teachers that will help in raising your child.

Program Schedule

  • Little Minds Learning Center LLC program schedules are planned to include the following daily schedules. Tentative time frames will be posted in each classroom
  • Large Group Activities- Children are encouraged to interact in a large group, take turns, participate themselves and allow others to participate with them.
  • Small Group Activities- Children are assisted in developing particular skills such as cutting, tracing, balancing, hand-eye coordination, color identification, etc…
  • Story Time- Children are exposed to age appropriate literature and are encouraged to use their imagination, to build vocabulary and to develop listening skills.
  • Meal Time- Children will be encouraged to learn group cooperation, language development, social interaction, good nutrition, and to try a variety of different foods
  • Rest- The Department of Health and Family Services requires that, after four hours in care, each child under the age of 5 rests or naps undisturbed whenever they have the need to do so. After lunch, each child will receive a cot/ crib and have two hours to lay and either fall asleep or have quiet time. If a child does not wish to sleep, they are permitted to do a quiet activity (reading) on their cot after the 30 minutes. Each child will have the opportunity to bring a favorite blanket and stuffed animal to feel more comfortable. Infants will sleep more than once a day. Little Minds Learning Center does not permit blankets for any child sleeping in a crib due to the higher risk of SIDS.
  • Clean-up- Children are encouraged to participate in the care of their environment
  • Outdoor play- Daily Schedule will include outdoor play; weather permitting
  • Field Trips- Parents will be given a field trip permission slip identifying mode of transportation, date, times and locations of field trips. Parents will be provided emergency information on the permission slip. In the event of a serious injury, 911 will be called first. Parents, Guardians, or emergency contacts will be notified as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to chaperone field trips. Parents/ volunteers must attend a field trip orientation before chaperoning an event. Parents/ volunteers only need to attend this orientation once during their experience at Little Minds Learning Center.
  • Character Development- Children will be exposed to a variety of activities, projects and role modeling that reinforce positive values. Little Minds Learning Center will implement a character development program that emphasizes respect, trust, creativity and personal growth.

Schedule Coordination with Home

Little Minds Learning Center LLC respects the values, ideas and traditions of each family enrolled in the center. The teachers will work with the parents to keep the schedule as routine as possible for the benefit of the child. Any concerns or requests may be brought to the room teacher’s attention.

High Reach Curriculum

Sharon Mayberry, BS, M.Ed. and Kathy Kelley, BS founded High Reach Learning in 1986. As owners and operators of their own child development centers, Ms. Mayberry and Ms. Kelley found that locating quality-teaching materials was quite a challenge. To give their parents, teachers, and children the careful guidance and creative focus they were after, they knew they would need to write their own curriculum program. And so the process began.

Today, HighReach Learning is a creator and direct supplier of early childhood educational materials for children 3 months to 14 years of age. We currently service customers in all fifty states in the US, as well as serve international customers in Canada, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and the Virgin Islands. The High Reach Learning customer base includes public and private schools, Head Start programs, child development centers, family daycare providers, YMCA centers, church-based preschools and more.

Visit for more information about the High Reach curriculum.

Teacher Certification Data

All teachers are certified for the position they hold as required by the state of Wisconsin Department of Family Services.

Most if not all, currently possess a 2-4 year degree or working towards one.


While designing Little Minds Learning Center we felt this step was of the most important to us as parents and know it will be most important to you also. Therefore, we have installed many systems and processes to ensure safety, security, and the well being of your little one while they are in our care. Here are a few of the systems we put in place:


    Pro care is an internal security system we use to ensure we know where your children are at, at any given time. This is further duplicated in the classroom. It also helps us ensure your little on is up to date on records, immunizations, and physicals. We feel it is an essential piece to ensure you have peace of mind while your little one is at school


    We use the latest in IP Camera technology to bring our classrooms right to you. Upon enrollment you are given a log on and password to view your little one throughout the day.


    In the near future, there will be a secure data base on the website where you will be able to sign in to view your teachers notes regarding your child’s day.- More to come soon.